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With coming of the summer season we have good conditions to improve green parts of the Castle complex. We have already started work. This year we intend to grass the ski slope behind the complex.

Promo Offer:

Anyone bought an apartment in Pamporovo Central VIP Residence, receives a gift parking place in the underground parking lot of the complex!

Valid until 15.12.2013г.

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Our qualified cleaning staff is providing professional cleaning and laundry services after ordering in advance. We have at our disposal own transportation and if your property is within the Locations we cover we can do the necessary job. Listed below are all cleaning and washing services we offer, together with the pricing: 

  • Regular cleaning and washing of linen: Depending on the size of your property and its condition the price starts from 16 Euros for studio apartment, 18 Euros for one-bedroom apartment and 29 Euros for two-bedroom apartment. Bigger properties are subject to negotiation.
  • General cleaning (washing of bathroom tiles and windows): Washing of bathroom tiles is hard work, but must be performed regularly, especially if the property is used frequently. Washing of the windows is hard and dangerous job, but must be performed regularly, even if the property is not used. This is specially valid for properties located in apartment blocks. For this service we charge 21 Euros for studio apartment, 23 Euros for one-bedroom apartment and 34 Euros for two-bedroom apartment. Bigger properties are subject to negotiation.


IMPORTANT: Properties which are not managed by Forego Property Management or located outside the town/resort where our nearest office is will be charged 0.20 Euros/km additionally to cover the transportation costs + 5 euros more than the above mentioned price for cleaning. 


Prices are inclusive of VAT and all taxes. 


Ordering in advance and provision of exact address of the property are required.

We reserve the right not to accept a certain property for servicing.

For more information and arrangements, please contact us.
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