Legal Advice

The sale of property is governed by the laws and practices of the jurisdiction in which the land is located. It is the buyer responsibility to ensure that one obtains a good and marketable title of the property. Our jurisdiction has adopted a system of land registration to facilitate conveyancing and assure purchases of property. Although “Forego Property Management” LTD strongly advises you to use the services of a Legal Adviser who will take the matter in hand and close the deal according to the Law of Bulgaria.

As a seasoned property management company we are in close partnership with highly experienced legal advisers to secure our clients’ trust. The legal services we provide are:
• Legal advice
• Assistance in preparing all the needed paperwork to sell / buy a real estate
• Pre-purchase property report
• Preparing preliminary sales agreement
• Tax adviser
• Conveyancing
• A Legal check of all the documentation before the execution of the Sale Deed /including the notary documentation/ to secure our customers’ trust
• Letter of Authorization, acting as an agent on your behalf

By providing a proper legal advice we are able to grant you security when obtaining or selling a property. This facilitates the process of closing the deal which is a significant life event.

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