Owners of condo property are obligated to sign a Declaration of Condominium which enables the condo association to manage and provide these services:
•  Overall complex management
•  24 – hour surveillance and monitoring of the common areas
•  Access control of the indoor and outdoor parking lots
•  Landscaping the common areas – maintenance, mowing, hedge cutting, watering,
•  Cleaning, heating and lighting of the common areas
•  Waste collection
•  Repair works and maintenance of the common areas; all installations outside your property: electricity system, plumbing system, cable and internet wiring, fire alarm system, telephone wiring, etc.

•  Monthly expenses of the common parts – water bills, electricity, central heating, etc.
•  Expenses concerning the exploitation of all elevators, technical equipment (hydrophore system, diesel pump, etc.)
•  Administration and control of the expenses, reception services free of charge for the owners.
•  An adequate response to all kind of emergencies in your property.

Services and actions which are stated at the condominium declaration and such, considered by the management association in the owners’ interests, will be performed.

The payment of the fee for the first year is done along with signing the Declaration of Condominium at the day of the Title Deed. Payment for the next year is done no later than the 31st of January unless the General Meeting of the Condominium has decided on another date.
Along with the Declaration of Condominium owners have to sign a declaration which states that they are agreed with the internal order rules. These two documents secure the pleasant environment for the inhabitants and retaining the value of the properties at the complex. Those who fail in observing the rules stated at the agreements will be sanctioned.

Maintenance of the common areas does not include – repair works inside the owners’ property, monthly expenses such as water, electricity, cable bills, etc.

According to the Bulgarian Law these expenses are owners’ obligations.

•  Annual property tax – compounded by waste charge and tax on immovable property.
•  Maintenance fee – an annual fee formed on the basis of the size of your housing unit, appointed at the maintenance contract.
•  Monthly expenses – your monthly payments such as electricity, water bills, cable, etc. depending on your personal usage.

To facilitate your payments we accept these payment methods:
•  Paying via credit card /with or without the card present/
•  Bank account
•  Paying at our office at “The Castle III” complex – ground floor
•  Paying at our office at 25A, “Knyaginya Maria Luiza”Blvd. Plovdiv 4000

In case we are not partners in the management of your property it is possible for you to leave a deposit in your bank account for the annual fees. This will save your time, money and energy!

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