New owner

According to the Local Taxes and Fees Act, any person who has acquired a new property is required to register at the Cadastral Records of Rights in Land and to file a tax declaration, levying an annual tax. In case you are not a Bulgarian citizen and you are acquiring your first real estate property at the territory of Bulgaria you have to register with a BULSTAT code (UIC) at the Registry Agency. We are able to facilitate this process for you by applying all the needed documentation on your behalf in exchange of a reasonable payment.

Acquisition of Ownership

It is a derivative acquisition of property from a previous owner along with all its responsibilities. This generally happens when both parties – the seller and the buyer, are present to a home inspection. When it is done an inventory and home condition report is drawn up. After these formalities are through you become a new owner of the real estate. Along with the property you receive a set of keys, all the warranty cards for the utilities at the property, if there are such, a telephone directory with telephone numbers of importance, along with a list of the available services at the complex.

Every owner has to provide the property administrator with the required information for the Register of Owners regulated by several legislative acts – The Property Act, The Condominium Management Act and the Regulations for the applications of the same Act.
1. Generating an (UIC) unification identification code for every new owner which serves as a pass to the complex system and its webpage. /Available only to the owners at “The Castle” complex/.
2. Introduction to a Key Card Entry System /for the owners of property at “C Comfort” hotel/.
3. Introduction to a Key Card Entry System for the indoor garage at “The Castle III” complex /only for the owners of parking spaces at the building of “The Castle III”/.

We provide you with a magnetic key card after you make a one-time payment. The maintenance fee of the Key Card Entry System is included in your annual maintenance fee which you pay at the day you receive the notary deed. In case you do not want to use our services of property management you are able to leave a deposit which covers your property expenses – maintenance, property taxes and fees.
- Maintenance fee – an annual fee formed on the basis of the size of your housing unit, appointed at the maintenance contract.
- Monthly expenses – your monthly payments such as electricity, water bills, cable, etc. depending on your personal usage.

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